1. As per the Chancery Notice issued on 13 February, special pastoral measures will be effective since 15th February. For details, please refer to the Chancery Notice titled “Suspending Sunday and Weekday Masses to Reduce Risks of Coronavirus Transmission”.

  2. Sunday Masses, Weekday Masses and all other communal religious activities are suspended. The faithful may take part in a Sunday/Weekday Mass online (e.g. through the diocesan website www.catholic.org.hk) and receive Holy Communion spiritually. Reflecting on the Sunday Liturgical text, reading the Bible or saying the Rosary are also recommended alternatives.

  3. Weekday Masses are suspended from 15th February (Saturday) to 28th February (Friday). The faithful may take part a Weekday Mass online and pray at home by saying the Rosary, the Angelus or Daily Morning Prayer.

  4. Special arrangement will be implemented for the coming Lent and Easter Time. The following are the confirmed details:

  • There will be no Holy Masses, nor the Blessing and Distribution of Ashes on Ash Wednesday (26th February).
  • The Rite of Election and the Rite of Scrutinies will be cancelled.
  • Simplified liturgical arrangement for the Holy Week will be announced and implemented.

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